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Wallet Software

Wallet software need to be installed on your computer. You have full control of the wallet. Of course, you also need to backup and protect your own bitcoin.

Bitcoin-Qt(Original Client of Bitcoin)

Bitcoins - Qt is the earliest client of bitcoin and it has built the network of bitcoin,running a high level of security, privacy, and stability.Compared to other clients, it lacks some function, and takes up a lot of space and memory.

Do you have a computer always keeping on and networking? You only need to run on the Bitcoin-Qt on this computer so that you will make contribution to the bitcoin network.Bitcoin-Qt takes a lot of resources and it takes a whole day to synchronize data.After that,your computer can make contribution to the bitcoin network by checking and transferring the trading information of bitcoin.

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MultiBit(Lightweight client of bitcoin)

MultiBit is the lightweight client, focusing on the quick and easy use of bitcoin. MultiBit can complete the network synchronization within a few minutes;It supports multiple languages.For non-technical users,it is a good choice.

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Senior client of bitcoin

Armory is the senior client of bitcoin above Bitcoin-Qt.It provides more extended function for senior users, including a lot of function of backup and encryption, and a very safe offline storage.

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M-wallet can carry your bitcoin everywhere. You can easily convert bitcoin through m-wallet or can also pay in the store by scanning the QR code or using "payment" function provided by NFC technology.

Blockchain(Android,iPhone and iPad.)

Blockchain is a hybrid online wallet designed for mobile devices. It also supports iPhone, but in order to comply with Apple's policy,it restricts some certain functions. It contains many function of blockchain.info.For example,the online backup of wallet.

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Bitcoin Wallet(for Android and Blackberry)

Bitcoin Wallet is a lightweight client for android and blackberry and it does not need to associate any online service, and is compatible with QR code and NFC technology


Online Wallet

Online wallet allows you to use bitcoin anywhere, and you don't need to spend too much energy to protect your wallet. However, when choosing online wallet service,you must be careful, because your bitcoins are stored in it.

Blockchain.info(Hybrid online wallet)

Blockchain. info is a hybrid online wallet for users. It stores an encrypted online version of wallet for you, but it need to be decrypted in your browser.For safety,you should always use a browser to extend and an email to backup.

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BIPS is an online wallet service developed by WalletBit.Users in many many countries can easily trade bitcoin through it. BIPS also provides storage system, wallet importing and many service function of merchants.

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Coinbase is an online wallet service,aiming at creating the most easily wallet to use.It also provides an online wallet application and tools for android, and integrates the US bank account for bitcoin trading.

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